A matter of taste

Stephanie Sparrow takes the orders from some celebrity sandwich fans for their favourite bread-and-butter treats


John Montagu,

11th Earl of Sandwich

We have always been aware of the history connected to the family name. One of the portraits of the famous 4th Earl shows him holding what looks like a white triangle and we have always joked that he is holding a sandwich; it was, in fact, the letter confirming the loss of the American War of Independence. My favourite sandwich has to be hot roast English beef with strong horseradish.

Lee Pearson, CBE,

Paralympic gold medal winner and equestrian champion

Coronation chicken is my favourite sandwich which the groom collects for me from Coffee Beans, a shop local to the stables in Leek. I’m very busy at the moment with the selection trials for the 2017 Paralympic Games in September so  it’s great to eat on the go.

Lisa Faulkner,

Publicity shot

Actress, cookery author and Celebrity MasterChef 2010 champion

My grandparents had a beach hut at West Wittering and I distinctly remember a rainy Saturday lunchtime with the windbreaks up, my sister and I in our navy blue fishermen’s jumpers and wellies huddled together on deck chairs eating sandwiches (hers corned beef and tomato, mine corned beef and piccalilli). The bread was always good old “plastic” white sliced and the corned beef tinned, but the tomatoes were grown in her greenhouse and the piccalilli was home-made.

Paul Hollywood,

Artisan baker and judge of The Great British Bake Off

I cannot resist a club sandwich. I love the fact it is laden with fillings and needs a daft cocktail stick to hold it together.  The best club sandwich should be on toasted, fresh, white bread, in two tiers and filled to bursting point with seasoned turkey breast, crispy maple bacon, chopped romaine lettuce, slices of ripe tomato and red onion and lashings of mayonnaise with a side order of handmade crisps.

Nicola Horlick,

Financier and restaurateur

My favourite sandwich is made with the best quality smoked salmon, good butter, fresh wholemeal bread, a twist of black pepper and a squeeze of lemon. When I started my career in the City, today’s choice of sandwich vendors didn’t exist so my boss used to send me on a half-mile walk to a fish restaurant for smoked salmon sandwiches. We are about to open a new restaurant called Georgina’s, named after my daughter who died of leukaemia at the age of 12 in 1998. Her favourite sandwich was a BLT, so we will have a special version on offer.