A place you can aspire to retire in

Retain your independence as you get older by choosing dedicated, luxury retirement accommodation

Ask anyone what they aspire for in retirement, and independence will be near the top of the list. So how is that best achieved? By accepting the fact that as one gets older health and wellbeing may decline by varying degrees. What is the best way to address this? A new development in Wiltshire has the answers.

“Better healthcare means we’re all living longer: for every six years that passes, average life expectancy rises by one year. And while healthcare is making positive strides, so too are our housing options”.

Typically we now enjoy several decades of retirement. What is critical to our quality of life is that we should both maintain and enjoy a measure of independence. The fact is, our much loved family homes aren’t necessarily the best place to achieve that. They may be too large for our needs, they require maintenance – indoors and out – and they’re often distant from services and facilities we’d like closer to hand. And as it may become necessary to put adaptations in place such as stairlifts and handrails, the home may well lose its original appeal.

All of this helps to explain the growing popularity of dedicated retirement developments such as Chantry Court, tucked away close to the centre of the delightful Wiltshire town of Westbury.

Chantry Court is designed specifically to enable everyone to live retirement to the full

Chantry Court is designed specifically to enable everyone to live retirement to the full. There’s a mixture of designs within the 68 apartments to meet all requirements. A number of the apartments have private gardens, patios and balconies and family pets are allowed. The look and feel is of a luxury apartment in a well-appointed private development: only when you study the smaller details do you realise they’ve been cleverly and subtly designed.

They’re certainly spacious: the four penthouse units are 1200 sq ft and the two-bedroom apartments are about 800 sq ft. The ambience is of a comfortable, wellmaintained country hotel, making the move to retirement accommodation an aspirational one – not one dictated by circumstances.

On hand are all the resources and facilities to make life relaxed and fulfilling. A central area has a restaurant, bar, lounge, bridge room, library, hair salon, therapy room, doctor’s surgery and even a cinema – which doubles up as an exercise classroom. With trained staff on site 24/7, the security is a real comfort, as is the knowledge that – if someone was taken poorly in the night – help is on hand.

The in-house domiciliary service is available if one needs it. This can add a ‘peace of mind factor’ in that residents will not have to worry about moving out of Chantry Court should they develop needs of any kind.

Chantry Court’s Independent Living apartments are good value for money, whether one is buying, taking advantage of a shared equity option, or even renting. Special packages are available, allowing flexibility when it comes to moving, for example when you opt to move before you sell your own property. The village staff are happy to help explain the options to you, just call them to find out more.

Apartment prices start at £187,500 or rental from £295 a week. Assisted Living apartments are from £395 a week, including a service package.

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