Adding growth to your pension

If you require an investment that offers good returns, stability and security, then Ethical Forestry’s timber investments deserve your consideration.

A typical forestry investment of £18,000 over 12 years projects returns of £104,189. The investments pay out in regular intervals, making them ideal for mid to long-term financial planning.

Ethical Forestry also tailors investments to suit an individual’s budget, making them flexible. Many investors are taking advantage of this opportunity for saving plans, family trust funds and personal pensions. The investments are HMRC-compliant and SIPP approved, so your IFA can simply transfer an existing SIPP pension, or start a new one, making investing a simple process.

Investing in forestry (and ultimately timber) for profit is not a new concept. Financial institutions, hedge fund managers and trusts have invested in timber for years and produced consistent long-term profits for themselves. They are popular with investors as they offer steady, stable increases with predictably high returns and, as they are not correlated to the stock market, they do not suffer from unpredictable peaks= and troughs. Ethical Forestry has made this lucrative investment available to everyone, allowing small cap investors to benefit from this unique proposition.

A strong, influential factor in deciding whether to invest in timber is the continuing rise in demand, which is projected to rise in line with the growth of the global population

A strong, influential factor in deciding whether to invest in timber is the continuing rise in demand, which is projected to rise in line with the growth of the global population; as much as 55.88 per cent (UN) by 2050. Developing countries such as China, India and Russia are unrelenting in their requirements for timber for construction and energy wood. This is driving illegal forestry operations worldwide to cope with the demand, all with devastating effect. Combine this new appetite for timber with the existing and projected global demand, and it is easy to understand why the rainforests continue to be felled at a rate of 13 million hectares per annum – the equivalent of one football pitch every second.

To help relieve this pressure on the natural supply chain, Ethical Forestry has created sustainable plantations, which offer an alternative, ecologically friendly supply source.

Matthew Pickard, Ethical Forestry’s MD says: “Our plantations are run on a ‘for profit’ basis, clearly focused on producing a good ROI for investors. Investor security is of paramount importance to us, for this reason we own all of our plantations outright and have our own onsite management teams caring for them on a daily basis. No third parties are involved with our operations that you can’t keep your eye on. This way, we can ensure that all our trees are well maintained and protected, creating investor security thus making us unique within the market place.

“We know that investing for profit and having a clear conscience are important considerations for investors. For every plantation that Ethical Forestry buy, we also purchase existing wild forests and place them within our forestry easement trust. This easement trust preserves these valuable forests, forever protecting them and the wildlife within them that can be so easily lost.”

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