An eye for tradition

Independent optician has not lost sight of the importance of offering a high quality, traditional, service to all its customers

Traditional standards of quality and service combined with the most advanced eyewear – these are the hallmarks of independent optician Roger Pope and Partners in central London.

This is a bespoke service, as favoured by leading ophthalmologists in the Harley Street area, which brings the finest spectacles to the most discerning clients.

Roger Pope and Partners hold a royal warrant by appointment to Her Majesty the Queen, and in addition – through its discreet service – supplies eyewear to people from all walks of life who seek quality of care and an excellent product range.

Following an advanced eye examination using the latest technology, including OCT 3D imaging of the back of the eye, patients are guided through an extensive choice of inspiring eyewear, including bespoke buffalo horn, solid gold frames – both with or without jewels – and many internationally sourced designer collections.

The frames are then fitted with the most advanced lenses in the practice’s in-house laboratory, with the emphasis always very much on providing a personal and individual service.

For the world of sportsmen and women, the practice dispenses specialist eyewear for golfers, sailing enthusiasts, cyclists and others who need to be assured of good vision in all conditions for their particular passion.

Traditional standards of service, quality of care and a friendly welcome are guaranteed at Roger Pope and Partners in New Cavendish Street, London W1.