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Smile X-Ray

37% of adults are concerned with their smile

Over the last few years, the cosmetic dentistry industry has been soaring. As more and more people are changing their insecurities, such as crooked, stained or missing teeth, there has been a surge in the amount of people investing in dental braces. There is a range of braces available, including fixed, clear and lingual. Continue reading this article to find out why invisible braces are the top choice for patients across the UK. Why Invisalign braces are better than fixed braces Choosing the right braces system for straightening misaligned teeth is important for key reasons. Naturally, the orthodontic diagnosis plays an important role in braces selection as some braces systems may treat only mild orthodontic conditions, while others may correct mild to severe dental irregularities. Fixed braces versus Invisalign braces When the word “braces” is mentioned, harsh metal braces with brackets fixed to the front teeth may form as a […]

Treat yourself with a pampering beauty treatment

Be transformed with beauty treatments We offer outstanding beauty treatments covering hair removal, spray tanning, nail care and more. From false eyelashes to waxing, you can be assured of a top quality service and great value every time. London salons have comprehensive facilities and are well equipped to deal with any beauty request. This all contributes to an atmosphere that is welcoming, comfortable and friendly, which keeps clients coming back for more. If you’re in the mood for a relaxing trip to the salon, rely on us to provide everything you need. Contact us or drop by today to find out more about our range of professional treatments. Choose from a wide range of beauty care options: Manicure & Pedicure Nail Art Eye enhancing treatments Facials Waxing Fake Bake Tanning Body treatments Advanced skincare Packages available Whether you’re in need of professionally applied semi permanent make up for your big […]