Branding Tips

Street marketing can contribute massively to brand awareness.

Here’s how.

Street marketing provides many tools, but it is important that brand identity is recognised throughout and should be relevant to customers at all times.

For example, if a sports brand decides to sponsor a sports event, if the brand corresponds with what the event is about and provides a modern twist on things, you are more likely going to be recognised.

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Find out about branding for business success.

35 Useful Reminders Tips for your branding

  1. Your brand is your business credibility
  2. Credibility is found not through cash, but through expertise
  3. A key credibility attribute is stability
  4. 20% of your branding is your idea and message
  5. The further 80% is operational
  6. If your brand is consistent, and saleable, it is cost effective
  7. A consistent brand builds the first point of credibility
  8. The most recognisable brand in the world, McDonalds, built itself on credibility
  9. Taking brand action requires you to be personally motivated
  10. Being personally motivated can allow you to effectively reposition your brand
  11. Your branding message must be clear and concise
  12. You know your brand in and out, so differentiate it
  13. Your brands body language IS important, so don’t open your mouth without thinking
  14. A brand strategy requires time and the needs of yourself need to be evaluated
  15. Typical questions to ask you during a strategy are; who are we? Who needs to know this? How will they find out?
  16. Customer focused equity in your branding is an intangible asset, and vastly important
  17. A strong customer equity means you have a more predictable source of income than the latter
  18. Sponsorships can be hugely appealing to large and small brands (see 19, 20.)
  19. Sponsoring a charity run is fantastic
  20. Sponsoring a book about how to train a dog to jump through a hoop with a bandana on is a no go
  21. Internet based branding is a growing market, and you SHOULD join the game
  22. For a business to be successful online they need experts to help them through it (see 23.)
  23. Typical experts include branding experts, online marketing experts and website developers
  24. One of the single best ways to increase your brands awareness are surveys
  25. When branding your business you must seek out and mix multiple media formats (see 26.)
  26. Media formats could include; brochures, surveys, business cards, billboards, PPC and SEO
  27. The placement of all these media formats is essential for your brand (see 28.)
  28. Don’t waste a brochure or anything brand related by putting it somewhere nobody can find it
  29. A branding budget should ONLY be decided once a strategy is put forth (see 30.)
  30. A budget is the single thing which can hold a strategy back, so expect a ВЈВЈВЈВЈ digit sum
  31. Your brand is your image, but dot be scared of buying up keyword rich niche related domains to blog off
  32. A blog is a hugely beneficial tool for your brand
  33. As with all media, including blogs, you must target the right people with your brand (see 34.)
  34. We recommend you break down the profile of your ideal customer e.g. John; he’s 35, degree educated, middle class etc
  35. Develop a mission statement that shows your own reason for being and the value you provide to your customers

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