The Most Common Oral Health Issues Often Ignored 

Dental Problems are often ignored as they do not seem important until they become serious issues that require immediate attention.

There are a number of things that cause poor oral health and it often comes from a lack of basic care such as brushing teeth twice daily, flossing daily, visiting a dentist at least twice a year and eating healthily.

Take a look at our list of the most common dental problems that are caused by this lack of basic dental hygiene so you know what to look out for.

Tooth Decay:

Also known as cavities, tooth decay is where the tooth enamel is damaged and broken down by a build-up of plaque on the teeth.

Sugary and acidic food is also big contributory tooth decay. The substance left on the teeth from these things attacks the enamel weakening the teeth, often causing toothache and yellowness.

Cavities are most common in children although they are prevalent in all age groups. The best way to avoid this problem is to brush and floss at least two times a day.

Periodontal Disease:

Periodontal Disease is a severe form of gum disease that requires treatment to avoid the loss of teeth. This form of gum disease is an infection of the gums and surrounding teeth that can have a very negative effect on the teeth such as receding gums, plaque build-up and tooth loss.

While gum disease is more common in adults, anyone is susceptible to it.

One of the most common causes of gum disease is poor oral health caused by smoking, closely followed by diabetes and a dry mouth. The symptoms include:

  • Painful chewing
  • Sensitive teeth
  • Bleeding and tender gums
  • Bad breath
  • Red gums

The best way to avoid this disease is to make regular appointments at the dentist, improving diet and habits as well as oral hygiene.

There are periodontal specialists that can treat these symptoms before they develop into a more serious form of the disease, as well as reversing its effects.

Three common dental problems you need to look out for

Oral Cancer:

Oral Cancer is one of the most dangerous oral conditions that it often not spotted until later stages.

Despite this, oral cancer is curable but it is best to catch it before it develops too much.

It is generally seen in middle age to older people and is often a cause of poor health habits such as smoking or excessive alcohol use. Sometimes it is caused by other diseases in the mouth.

The symptoms include rough areas in the mouth, lumps and sores as well as difficulty with normal oral movement and functions.

In order to avoid this problem, we recommend regular dental visits, improving your general health and looking out for symptoms every now and then.

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