Kind to your family, kind to the environment

The UK’s first green funeral plan eases the financial burden left to your loved ones while keeping in line with your environmental ethics

In response to growing demand for environmentally conscious funerals, Golden Leaves Funeral Plans has launched the ultimate green funeral plan so you can make end-of-life choices in line with your environmental ethics.

Golden Leaves is the first UK-wide provider of such a service, and removes the financial burden of funeral costs from loved ones – prices start from just £1,934.

As well as a biodegradable coffin, made from sustainable wood, willow, bamboo or wool, the plan ensures that the entire carbon footprint of a funeral service’s emissions is rebalanced. This is achieved by planting trees in a conservation area or by donating funds to help preserve endangered rainforests around the world.

Barry Floyd, operation director of Golden Leaves, with Mark Morris of JC Atkinson

Golden Leaves also makes a donation to a community legacy fund. This fund is managed by the Groundwork charity, which works at a local and national level to combat climate change. Legacy donations will initially aid funding to install energy efficient measures in the homes of the UK’s elderly and most vulnerable.

“Green” funerals have traditionally only allowed burials due to the carbon emissions associated with cremation. However, as the ultimate green funeral plan offsets those emissions, there is an option available to be cremated in a biodegradable coffin, with ashes placed in a biodegradable urn and buried in a cemetery or woodland burial ground.

The secure financial structure of the plan also reflects best environmental practice. Money is invested into the independently audited Green Trust Fund, which only places funds in green and ethical investments.

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