Labelled with love

Whether it’s meeting legal requirements or flying the flag for the best in home-grown products, top-quality labelling is a must for caterers

Market-leading label and biopackaging company Planglow has been providing products and software to caterers for 25 years.

Launched in the mid-1980s, Planglow brought its own specially developed software to an industry it felt lacking in simple-to-produce and easily customisable food labelling options. LabelLogic – as Planglow’s software is now called – has gone from strength to strengthand today is used by more than 10,000 caterers  around the globe.

The company also offers three off-the-shelf packaging ranges (with matching labels), plus hundreds of other label and ticketing options which can be customised at the touch of a button using LabelLogic. It also provides bespoke design and complete rebranding services which can be applied to uniforms, signage and vehicles as well as labels and packaging.

Planglow is proud to create products that both accommodate and anticipate market trends – from the shifting legal requirements of labelling to speciality breads or events – providing fresh and exciting ways to present food and drinks. With this in mind, Planglow has just launched its new British-made Best of British label, which flies the flag for Britain and its produce.

Offering a low-cost and minimal-storage alternative to bulky Brit-branded packaging, Best of British celebrates Great British events – both now and for years to come – as well as homemade or home-grown produce from sandwiches, salads and soups to cookies, cakes and much, much more.

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