Letter from the editor

Welcome to your new-look Weston Spirit

We’ve had a redesign, creating space for more interviews, news and events, plus an expanded finance section.

And we have a new columnist, the writer and broadcaster Hunter Davies, who will be holding forth on what it’s like to be a grandfather and all round older person in youth-obsessed Britain.

Hunter has worked in Fleet Street for five decades and has no desire to abandon the keyboard to put his feet up – one of his many projects is editing a book of John Lennon’s letters for publication later this year.

Our star interviewee, Robert Vaughn, is similarly occupied with a work schedule of not one but two British TV series and a film on the go. Both in their 70s, slowing down doesn’t occur to either, though both could doubtless afford to.

The notion of more people working past retirement age has been much in the news again lately – see our news round- up for the latest ridiculous acronym it has spawned – but many people, while not wanting to go ‘on and on and on’, recognise that meaningful work helps to give shape to their lives, even if the work is unpaid. Where would schools, museums, hospitals and charities be without the army of volunteers over 60?

Even if the job isn’t glamorous or highly remunerated, people will often choose to carry on working. It’s having the choice that’s the important bit.

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