Living the dream in later life

Richmond Villages opens its doors to reveal a luxurious environment which has all the ingredients for a happy retirement

Award-winning Richmond Villages has five centres throughout the country, and the retirement village operator invited Senior Living along to its very latest creation, Richmond Letcombe Regis in Oxfordshire, for a tour with the village manager Elisabeth Parker.

On arrival we were struck by the stunning surroundings. The term ‘village’ is wholly appropriate, since this truly is a community, where the luxuriously appointed homes are set in and around the village centre.

The village centre is a tranquil but vibrant environment boasting a waterside restaurant, bar, library and wellness spa with gym, sauna, steam room, jacuzzi and pool. The bowling green is so perfectly maintained we barely dared breathe near it! There are treatment rooms for sessions with therapists or practitioners, and a well-equipped hairdressing and beauty salon. Weekly programmes schedule an extensive range of activities from book clubs and music appreciation to wine tasting and country walks.

Elisabeth explained how the village was designed so retired people could continue the same independent lifestyle they always did, with access to gardens, countryside and a wide range of social and leisure activities without the day-to-day responsibilities and chores. “Since we can take care of any service, you can choose to do as much or as little, according to your needs or choice. Should you or your partner need increased assistance later on, this can be accommodated within the village, with minimum upheaval.”

Next we viewed the apartments, which offer the ultimate in comfort, style and modern functionality, with fully equipped kitchens and en suite bathrooms, all fitted to top standards and specifications. Allocated parking spaces are available, but with a transport service for shopping trips and outings, car ownership is optional.

Last stop was Richmond’s convenient and charming village shop and café. As we eyed up the diet-forsaking homemade cakes, they seemed to ooze the same sumptuous qualities of the village itself: quality ingredients combined with care and skill to produce the optimum in taste and indulgence.

Richmond is anyone’s dream of a retirement home. You can enjoy luxurious living, an active social life, lots of leisure, and the one thing we all wish for at any age – peace of mind.