‘Now I have eyesight like everyone else’

Overcome shortsightedness through a revolutionary implant

The London Eye Hospital

Michael Woodhouse, 56, has been shortsighted for most of his life but, thanks to a new eye implant, he’s now enjoying life without contact lenses. He has recently been fitted with the new LEH Trifocal Lens, at The London Eye Hospital on Harley Street. 

This new lens is a major step forward for multifocal lenses, which have been in use in their current form for more than a decade. Previous lenses have had to find a compromise between poor intermediate vision and glare or halos often experienced at night, especially when driving. The new lenses give crystal clear near, middle and far vision – and virtually no glare or halos, making them the most effective and pleasant option for patients. 

Be proactive 

Woodhouse, who is managing director of a sustainable energy company, says he had been aware of his sight getting worse and wanted to do something about it.

“I’ve been shortsighted for a long time. I’ve been wearing contact lenses since I was 19 and was starting to have to wear glasses over the top of my contacts for driving, as well as having some problems with reading. My eyes were getting very dry and my contacts were getting uncomfortable, especially if I was out cycling,” he says.

“I was determined to do something about it and booked a consultation with Mr Qureshi at the London Eye Hospital. He recommended having the Femtosecond laser treatment and Trifocal lenses fitted. I researched it all online and, just as he’d said, it appeared to be more accurate and carry less risk than other available treatments. 

“I had the first eye treated four weeks ago and the second eye done a fortnight ago. It was pretty much painless and day-by-day my sight has got better. Very quickly after the surgery they were able to tell me that I had almost 20:20 vision. 

“I had contact lenses for so long so it’s nice to no longer need them. I’m finally without the shortsightedness I’ve been living with for years and years and have eyesight like everyone else. I’ve certainly got no regrets about having it done.”

The LEH Trifocal lens is suitable for anyone in their late 30s, or older, who has long or short sight, even if they have an astigmatism. The lens is also suitable for anyone with cataracts, so millions of people who currently wear glasses or contact lenses could benefit.

Lenses change lives 

Consultant ophthalmic surgeon and medical director of the London Eye Hospital, Mr Bobby Qureshi, says the new LEH Trifocal lenses are easily fitted and will change lives: “Using our Femtosecond cataract laser, the operation is performed in a matter of minutes; 30 seconds of laser and three minutes to implant the trifocal lenses, through an incision the size of a full stop – less than 1.5mm. 

“The results will last a lifetime, giving freedom from reading glasses and distance glasses without the glare problems associated with other implants.”

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