Out of the woods

Planning for retirement may be hard, but putting money into forestry means you’ll invest in the planet, as well as your future

Timber is in constant demand and could increase in value

If finding a good investment during this economic downturn is proving difficult, then you may wish to consider forestry. Forestry investments are increasing in popularity as they offer consistent, stable and therefore predictable returns, plus offer environmentally conscious investors peace of mind knowing there money is being invested ethically.

Forestry investments work in a simple way; as trees grow, they become more valuable. They ultimately produce valuable timber, a commodity constantly in demand, projected to increase in line with the global population, thus implying a 55 per cent increase by 2050.

Ethical Forestry, a leading forestry provider with a proven track record, offers various investments that can be tailored to each individual’s requirements. A typical investment of £18,000 over 12 years projects a total return of £104,189 with regular payouts in years 4, 8, 10 and 12, making them suitable for savings plans and pensions. With a shocking 56 per cent of couples aged over 40 having not worked out how much money they will need to live on in retirement, forestry can offer them a valid way of not sleepwalking into retirement .

Ethical Forestry pride themselves on the fact they own all of their plantations outright and have their professional forestry engineers living on-site caring for investors’ trees all year round.

In addition, they have created their Forestry Easement Trust that protects rainforest adjacent to their land. In these uncertain times there are some things we can be certain of: trees will grow, timber will be in demand, we all need to make provisions for retirement and we need to care for our planet. Reassuringly, Ethical Forestry’s unique investments offer a solution for all four points, while making a better world for now and for future generations.

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