Pottering around? Your garden will need a little more work after winter

With the promise of springtime looming, it’s time to start preparing for the most important period in the gardening year. To get some tips on how to nurture your garden back to life, Nina Reschovsky speaks to Janson Lotery, director of Chelsea’s World Ends Nursery.


What can I do to ensure my soil composition is well-balanced this season?  

Add manure, organic compost, bone meal and mulch. Add nutrients to the soil to replenish it.  A lot of the time, rain will leach the soil of its nutrients so it’s important to add fresh soil and nutrients to beds, boarders and containers.

My garden is almost entirely in the shade, what plants can you recommend that don’t require much sun in order to survive?

Camellias are good for the shade. They are one of the first plants to kick-start the year and they flower for a full three months. rhododendrons and begonias, below, are good, shady plants and will liven up your garden with some colour. Very shady ferns are also quite good, they don’t really flower but they’ll fill up those dark corners.

For those lucky enough to have a garden with good sunlight, which plants would you recommend?

All plants like sun, so the more sun you have, the more you can plant. If you have a garden that gets a lot of sunlight, you can plant virtually anything you want. Some popular flowers for sunny gardens include bluebells, tulips, daffodils, olive trees and perennials.

What’s the most important piece of advice you could give me about my garden?  

I would say that your work in the garden is never finished; there’s always something to be done.