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Cataracts affect 60 per cent of over-60s. But a pioneering surgery offers a safer, more effective alternative to cataract removal

Jonathan Hatley has struggled with poor eyesight since the onset of cataracts – but a revolutionary approach to eye surgery changed everything.

Hatley is a fit and active 70 year-old. He is a keen skier and golfer, yet was suddenly having to contemplate a life without either because of deteriorating eyesight. Even driving was becoming difficult, and he feared his days behind the wheel were numbered.

After surgery: patients continue to enjoy hobbies

Hatley visited Bobby Qureshi at Harley Street’s London Eye Hospital, the UK’s leading private eye hospital. Qureshi suggested a new cataract removal laser treatment – he is the first surgeon to perform this procedure in the UK and is the most experienced laser cataract surgeon in the country. The Femtosecond cataract laser machine, with the help of a sophisticated surgeon-guided computer, uses a laser to dissolve a cataract, using perfect precision, within seconds.

This new cataract technology has a much faster healing and recovery time compared with conventional surgery, and is statistically much safer for the 60 per cent of over 60s that suffer from cataracts. “This is the greatest breakthrough in cataract surgery in nearly 30 years,” says Qureshi. “For years, many people have accepted cataracts as an unavoidable part of getting older, but that no longer needs to be the case. With this new surgery, we offer a quick, safe and effective alternative for cataract removal.”

“It was honestly a miracle,” says Hatley. “Although I had become accustomed to living with poor eyesight, I suppose I didn’t realise how much worse my vision had become. The difference took my breath away. The treatment that I received at the London Eye Hospital was top-notch from start to finish,” he said.

“Before going to see Mr Qureshi, my vision was so bad that I was considering giving up driving altogether, but now I don’t need to. Instead, I’m already planning a ski trip and expect to play a lot more golf. The whole experience has been completely life-changing.”

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