The near perfect asset

With a track record of consistent growth, forestry is a stable and attractive alternative for forward-thinking investors

If you are one of the millions of people in the UK who are wondering what to do to rescue your pension, or are looking for a high-return investment for your savings plan or family trust, then you may wish to consider a forestry investment.

Leading UK forestry investment specialists Ethical Forestry offer a range of investments that are seemingly leaving other companies in the shade.

An £18,000 investment over 12 years projects a total return of £104,189, and regular payouts from year four. The products are HMRC-compliant and approved for SIPPs (self-invested personal pension) by a long list of pension trustees who have carried out thorough due diligence before approving them.

Sustainable forestry investments ultimately produce valuable timber, a commodity constantly in demand and used globally on a daily basis as a building material, for paper manufacture and as a fuel source.

The demand for timber is projected to rise inline with the global population, thus implying a 55 per cent increase by 2050, according to the United Nations. Basic economics tells us that this growing demand, combined with a diminishing supply, will only make this commodity rise exponentially in value.

Forestry has a proven track record of producing consistent growth for investors due to a number of simple factors. The first being biological growth. As trees grow they become inherently more valuable.

Secondly, the value of timber has historically risen above global inflation and has been the only asset class in existence that has risen in three out of the four market collapses of the 20th century. Combine these factors with the rising global demand and it’s understandable why forestry is regarded as the near perfect asset.

As the tumultuous stock market continues to take investors’ money for a nerve-racking ride, thankfully new stable alternative investments such as forestry are providing better investments for forward thinkers in an ever-changing world.

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