Thinking about quitting smoking?  Apart from being less deadly and less intrusive, vaping is also much less expensive than smoking.  Even the wealthy care about saving money where they can and there is no doubt that smoking can be a very expensive habit.  If you are looking for a few excuses to pick up an e-cig, here are five ways that vaping can save you money!

How to save money



How many times have you flicked ash only to have it come back and burn your clothes?  It happens much more often than it should and replacing those clothes really adds up.  Vaping is smokeless and heatless, which means that you will never have to worry about burning a cigarette hole in your favourite shirt again. What are the dangers?


Smokers generally don’t realize just how much cigarette smoke lingers on their clothing long after they have put out their cigs until they arrive in an area that is completely free of smoke.  Once realized, however, this odour is something that many people will go to great lengths to get rid of as completely as possible.  There are speciality detergents that can rid clothes of the smell, but those detergents can be expensive and dry cleaning can be even more expensive. How to remove smoke damage.


The cost of cigarettes continues to rise and there are people who are paying £8-£10 per pack.  For those who smoke a pack or more a day, this expense quickly adds up to thousands of pounds per year.  With an e-cig, however, the e-liquid needed to vape is significantly less, sometimes as low as £10.00/$23.00 for a 10ml bottle of juice, and a 10ml bottle of juice is about the equivalent of 5 packs of cigarettes, depending on the nicotine level of the juice. Click here to shop affordable Wick & Wire Co E-liquid.